Blogging: Why Bother?

January 08, 2013  •  1 Comment

Woohoo! I have survived my first week of Blogging.  I was so fired up with enthusiasm and so excited about starting my blog, I could barely wait until 1st January to write my first post!  So why did I decide to start blogging?

  • To ensure my website was kept up to date - nothing worse than going onto someone's website and it is completely out of date
  • To help increase traffic to my website
  • To allow current and potential clients to get to know me, therefore when we meet they may even feel like they have already met me
  • To share some images and stories behind photo-shoots
  • To share the highs and lows and provide an honest insight into what has been one of the best decisions of my life - pursuing photography

Is it too early to see any results?  Definitely not!

So far,  I have blogged every weekday so my website is as up to date as possible, by signing in to the back office of my website to write my blog it encourages (and reminds) me to make some general changes to the site to keep it updated and fresh - this week I have updated the paragraph and slideshow on my homepage.

The traffic to my website has trebled, my page views have increased dramatically and even my Facebook followers have increased.

I had three different people say to me last week, when I met them for the first time, "I read on your blog..." and another lady who reminded me of my New Year Resolution when I was messaging her about photographs at 12.30am this morning!

I have shared the story of my very first family photo shoot, complete with the story behind it and the lessons learned (BREAKING NEWS: the Ritchies have agreed to another photo-shoot in August 2013!) and I have also shared Mo's story with you including her before and after photographs.

So stay tuned, there is so much more to come and please feel free to leave a comment below or if there is anything in particular that you would like me to Blog about, just send me a message.

Here is a photograph to make you laugh - nobody realised Cally made a face like this when she was running until I went to take her photograph, and although she looks like Jaws here she is actually a lovely friendly dog :)

Have a great day!

Eilidh x


Linda Allan
This is a great pic - reminds me of Seth Casteel's Underwater Dogs! I'd like to add that your blog is also fantastic 'behind the scenes' peek at the challenges a real photographer faces and a great insight into the job. It's useful for my daughter Holly, who is interested in becoming a photographer one day, to read.
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