A New Cover Star in the Family

January 15, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

Sorry for the late Blog post tonight.  

Last week I was approached by Philly Stephen from the Courier, our regional paper, who was seeking a photograph for the front cover of the Courier's new farming supplement.  She made a special request for one of my favourite photographs, it was the very first photo I had published, back in May 2012.

The story behind the photo - last May Craig suggested we go for a walk up Kincraigie Hill, we didn't have a huge amount of daylight so took the pick up half way.  Mia, our Collie who was 11 months at the time, was not best pleased as she had been demoted to the back seat (her and Craig are INSEPARABLE!).  It was a beautiful sunny evening and as we climbed up the Hill towards Loch Skiach, I looked in the mirror and Mia was hanging out the back window (she often travels like this!).  I had taken my camera with me and positioned the mirror so I could fully see Mia in the reflection, Craig refused to stop so as the pick up bounced around and I was bumped from side to side I took 4 photographs in quick succession and here is the end result.... 

And here it is on the front of today's Farming supplement.  Craig showed the paper to Mia at lunch and said "Who's that" and she responded with several loud barks!  Not sure if she recognised herself or not but I am so pleased to have my photograph featured on the front cover - Thanks Philly :) and I hope everyone else enjoyed the photo!

Eilidh x




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