This Little Piggy Went to Market - My Day in Photographs

February 13, 2013  •  3 Comments

Happy Wednesday! As mentioned in yesterday's blog post, today I was at the market in Stirling as Craig and his Dad were selling over 40 calves.  It is one of the biggest sales of the year at United Auctions and the market was almost full with around 2000 cattle.

We had a great day and were delighted to be awarded the Champion pen of four calves and Champion Calf and were presented with the new Donald Patullo Memorial Trophy which was presented by the Patullo family.  All the calves sold well with a vast number heading South to Cheshire.  Thanks so much to all those who purchased calves and all those who bid, your support is much appreciated.

Here is the day in photographs:

Craig's box of tricks for combing up and "dressing" his calves - you can't see it here but he even used glitter on the Champion calf, maybe that was what caught the Judges eye!!

"Soaping up" - Craig getting the calves ready for the show.  He uses clear soap on the red calves to help the hair stand up.

LOOK AT THE COLOUR OF THOSE HANDS!!! Someone has been at the black soap!

Love taking photographs of calves/cows/bulls noses.

Wilson Peters, Monzie Farms, combing up his calves for the show.

Judge Craig Malone had a difficult task judging the best pen of four calves.

Craig Malone judging the individual calf class with some of the exhibitors looking on.

Success :)

It's a serious business - buyers at the ringside.

There was a great crowd and a real buzz in the sale ring today.

The Patullo family presenting Craig and his Dad with the Donald Patullo Memorial Trophy, with John Roberts (United Auctions) and Roy Nicol from show sponsors, Starlyne, looking on.

I hope you have enjoyed this insight into a day at the market, and yes, Craig honestly does use glitter on his calves!!!

Hope you are having a great week!


Eilidh x


Eilidh Robertson Photography
Thanks Jaime and Juliet! Yes I actually have Angela Davidson's horse nose print above my fireplace! Still to get the cattle one though, her art is amazing and so life-like. Thanks so much for your comment
Edith you said you love the calves noses , have a look or maby you have seen Angel Davidson from Insch the artist , look at her pictures of the calves noses just fantastic , you picture is fantastic too you should put that up for sale !
Kiwi Jaime(non-registered)
WOW!!!! Congratulations guys! What an amazing couple of awards to win!! An as always beautiful photos Eilidh XOXO
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