Old Photographs, Treasured Memories and the Importance of GOOD Cameras!

January 23, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

Craig is currently rebuilding the farm website - for a farmer he is not too bad on the computer! - and earlier he came across photographs of our dog Mia when she was a puppy.  It was so lovely to find these photographs but I am so sad that they are all such poor quality.  The majority were taken on an old iPhone and some on an old camera.

This resonates with something my sister said after taking a couple of portrait photographs of her with my Canon late in 2012... "it's really nice to have photographs like this to keep, as lets face it, none of us are getting any younger!"  Which, although quite straight to the point, it is really true.

Photographs are one of the few things which can capture a moment, a person or animal, exactly as it is, to cherish, laugh or cry over for decades.  I love looking at photographs of my ancestors, it is the only way I can see what they looked like and how they lived.  The thought that someone could be looking at photographs I have taken in years to come, finding out what their ancestors looked like is just  one of the reasons why I love photography.  

Here are some of the photographs of Mia, I had to share them as they are so CUTE but please remember, these definitely do not reflect the quality of my photographs now.  Hopefully Mia will have puppies later in the year and I will take HUNDREDS of good quality photographs of them!

Hope you have had a happy Wednesday!

Eilidh x

The aforementioned sister decided it would be a good idea to "girliefy" Mia by adding some blusher!

The below photograph was taken the day I decided it was time to send Mia to work at the farm full time!
The photograph above is Mia on her first full day at the farm, aged 12 weeks.  Since then her and Craig have been completely inseparable!


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